Historical Crush Number 2: Sándor Rózsa

Significantly different from my first notable crush, this one was discovered in more recent years. It was actually through research for a novel project (meaning a novel WRITING project, not a new project) that this guy found me. He can be considered my "gateway drug" for Hungarian hotties: Sándor Rózsa!

When he wasn't making ladies swoon with his crush-worthy 'stache (only after he relieved them of their cumbersome jewels) Hungarian outlaw, Sandor Rosza, did a splendid job of making himself a thorn in the side of the pompous officials of the Kingdom of Hungary. Like a Robin Hood (minus tights, helpless Maid Marian and blind side-kick), Sandor was known for stealing for others as well as stealing just to show he could.
That's right, you wish you had my 'stache!
He was 23 when he was first caught and thrown in jail. Of course, Sandor found prison a complete bore and promptly left to continue gallivanting about the Hungarian countryside. 

At some point, entirely too fed up with trying to stop his pranking, the Hungarian Committee of Defense wised up and put Sandor's potent-masculine-tendency to mess folks up to good use by "employing" (more like "do this or else") him and his band of betyars(Hungarian version of highwayman) to fight in the 1848 Revolution.

He and 150 of his men cleaned house and kicked some serious bum, looking totally awesome in the process (it is said that their enemies took one look at the betyars and said, "Why can't I look that good whilst kicking bum," and promptly left to talk to their tailors).
Did somebody ask for a style and attitude?
Afterwards, the officials in the government proved how politicians acting like absolute douche bags is a historical tendency by arresting him and throwing him into prison (because that's how the 19th century Hungarian government said "thank you for your service" and veterans returning from war duty are treated much better today...).

Of course this didn't stop him from still wreaking havoc across the Afold(plains). He had a strong network of fellow b.a. folks outside of prison and through them he was able to piss off the new government almost as much as when he was free, thus teaching them where NOT to put peeved betyars.

He was released from prison in 1868, not on good behavior since a man like Sandor ain't no body's ninny, but again the douche bags in government decided to prove their douche baginess by re-arresting him in 1869. However, in his one year of freedom, Sandor was able to rob post coaches and railway trains (cue epic "Great Train Robbery" with Hungarian Rhapsody thrown in for good measure).

Sandor lived the rest of his life in prison, content to have the jerk wads who arrested him provide him with food and shelter for the rest of his days, without lifting a finger in the process.

Um hello?! Look at that hair, that 'stache, that attitude-filled lounge? Ain't no way you can't crush on this guy!